Storytelling - Rebirth of an art form.

Storytelling is the art of telling stories - sounds simple right? In a way it is, and in a way it is not. The art of Storytelling is as old as the Earth herself. Before humans walked the Earth, animals communicated where food was, and who knows, maybe they even told tales of catching prey to one another! Before humans had speech, they told tales using gestures and performances, grunts, whistles, etc. much the same as some aboriginal tribes today.

Storytellers have been revered for centuries. The Irish hold them in great regard and Storytelling is so much a part of their history that it is the backbone of Irish hospitality - it is the height of rudeness if asked to tell a story in Ireland to a guest, and refuse to do so.

There are Storytellers in all countries, in all languages and of all walks of life. We may not know the language, but a good Teller will enchant you just the same with vocal talents, gestures and expressions.

One of my favorite Storytellers, Elizabeth Ellis, puts it this way: "The term Storyteller is used today to pay the highest compliments to folks. If you are a truly gifted composer or musician you are said to be a Storyteller. If you are a wonderful writer, they say 'what a wonderful Storyteller!' The art of the Storyteller is the highest form of entertainment."

Elizabeth is right. Listen to a professional storyteller. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be transported into the story! Storytellers are amazing, magical people. Give us a try!

About Story Forge

I picked the name Story Forge, because I like to think of myself as a StorySmith, creating a work of art on my anvil, and adding subtle touches and finishes to each piece as it is created and told. Stories are not memorized verbatim. They are added to each time, a little hammering here, then cooling - more heating, more hammering and cooling. A good Storyteller knows the secret to a good story is to bring the story to life. A story is a living entity that creates it's own visions and effects each time it is told. The story has the same base, the ingot, if you will, but just as each hammer strike is a bit different and leaves a different result, so each story develops.

This is the magic. This is the art of the Storyteller. I would be honored to be your StorySmith, and create a story for your enjoyment, a learning tale, perhaps just retell a folk story or fable in a different way. I can do stories for adults, children and families.

Please contact me here: Dear StorySmith..., or use the contact page.

There are always stories to tell...


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