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Welcome to the new LL@L blog pages! After two years, I have re-designed the website using Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. This will only get better! (promise)

A Bit of History

I was born into the wild and raised by wolves in the forests of Wisconsin for the first few years of my life. Then one day, I was found and adopted by two wonderful educators. The man (Dave), taught at the University level at UW-Stout. The woman (Kay), had been a teacher but had quit for a while to raise her pups, er... children (Carolyn, Nancy, Chuck and of course the little gift from the Gods, Me!).

I am Chosen to become a Youth Services Librarian...

Well, chosen, may be a bit too much, but perhaps it is at least a calling. I am presently working at Barnes and Noble, but started my illustrious bookseller career with Borders. One day a little girl with curly light brown hair and eyes the color of newly laid Robin's eggs, approached me in the store and asked if we were having Storytime that day. I took one look into Taylor's blue eyes, and saw her hopes, her dreams - her story wishes waiting to come true and my heart melted. I said "Of course we are having Storytime! Let's go find some books!" I found that reading to Taylor and her Grandparents was truly the best part of my job. I couldn't believe that no one else wanted to do Storytime - and voila! Mr. Kent's Storytime was born!

I created my own Storytime business cards and handed them out to every Mom or Dad with toddlers or a stroller, and one day, about 6 months later, I turned the corner from the offices to see my "Book Nook" amphitheatre completely packed! I said, "well, looks like I need some more copies" (for our craft after Storytime). I was back a couple of minutes later, and that day read to an audience of 52 people. After that we settled down some, and 20-30 was the norm each week.

Since then, I've learned that all Storytimes are different. At first, I was hesitant to sing, and knew nothing about fingerplays or the 6 early literacy skills! Now my Storytimes are (very loosely) designed around a format of: Welcome song, Storytime Rules (The First Rule of Storytime - Have Fun!), Fingerplay, Read a Book, Action Song, Felt Board, Puppets or Storytelling Time, Fingerplay, Read a Book, End with the Ending Song and do our craft!

Play is how children learn, making books fun is important - it increases the desire to read.

Kent and Mac

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Other library websites I created: Native American Children's Programming and Western Novels. Any of the content may be used for your own programming. Never any late fees for checking out!

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