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Cap'n Book and Mr Kent's Storytime!

"There is no better way to earn a living than reading to children!"- Miss Vickie - Children's librarian

I mean, who wouldn't want to read to children, tell them stories, give them a puppet show, or even attempt some lame magic? (Actually, failing at performing magic and making yourself the butt of the jokes involves them and gets them laughing with you - all kids like to see adults fail, it makes them real.)

About the Cap'n and Me...

Cap'n Book is my muppet friend. He first came to life as SD, a surfer dude, but soon the easy life of a surfer was too boring and he found a life of piracy more to his liking. Although he's a pirate, he's a lovable kind of pirate. Mostly he sails the seven seas looking for swag and booty, gathering tales from around the world, but his favorites seem to be sea stories, folk and fairy tales. He arrives with his Treasure Chest - which is loaded with books we'll read, stories we'll tell, other puppet friends for performances, and small gifts of booty for the kids!

A typical Storytime event follows this format: A theme is chosen, the early literacy skills to use are decided upon, books, fingerplays, felt board shapes, puppet theatre scripts, stories for storytelling are all selected and a rough order of performance is established. In addition, a craft may be chosen as well, if the event sponsor has room, supplies , etc.

If you'd like more information about having Captain Book and Mr Kent visit click here: Arrrgh! Permission to come aboard Cap'n? or visit the Contact Me page.

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