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The site is divided into 7 parts. Each part is an important part of my life. As with everyone's lives, each part intermingles with the others, to create the end result, me!

YOU ARE HERE! (Wherever You Go, There You Are!)

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LL@L is my blog, Large Librarian at Large. Enjoy the musings of a large librarian serving the littlest patrons.

Story Forge is my storytelling site. Storytelling is one of the first arts of man, and probably the first. Early man used storytelling (which can be done without words) to describe the hunt and teach the young. As man became more vocal and developed finer speech, Storytellers were chosen to carry the history and stories of the tribe. Gradually Storytelling developed into the art form it has become.

Cap'n Book & Mr. Kent - Storytimes are designed for children to learn the early literacy skills, which are outlined on the Cap'n Book & Mr. Kent page. My Storytimes flow between books, puppets, fingerplays, songs, felt board stories and a bit of magic.

Me & The Bee is a travel narrative of my motorcycle travels around the country - searching for Carnegie Libraries, or just "tooling around."

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